30 Awesome Social Bookmarking Buttons

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I absolutely adore social networking buttons!  I usually have them strategically placed throughout my pages.  When used correctly, they can provide a whole new selection of readers, or keep bringing back ones that you have had. I find the best places to put them are top left or right, eye level with the top of your post, and at the beginning and end of your posts.  (Me saying this doesn't mean that you have to put them in all those locations, but those seem to be the most natural placements)

1.) Burnt Wood Social Media Icon Set

2.) Grass Texture Social Icon Set by Social Icon Studio

3.) Clear Bubble Icons by Web Treats etc

4.) Handycons 2 by Janko at Warp Speed

5.) Simple Glowing Neon Social Icon Pack by Social Icon Studio


7.) Vintage Polaroid Style Social Icons by Social Icon Studio

8.) Glowing Neon Social Networking Icons by WebTreats

9.) Glossy Black Comment Bubble Social Networking Icons by WebTreats

10.) Elegancy Speaks!  by Cheth Studios

 11.)  3D Glossy Black Button Social Networking Icons by WebTreats

 12.) Faded Round Stamps Social Icon Pack by Social Icon Studio

13:) Social Icons by plechi
14.) Social Icons by Tydlinka

15.) Glossy Space Icons by Web Treats Etc

16.) Free Clock Social Icons

17.)  Hand Drawn Social Media Shapes by Web Treats Etc

18.) Hand Drawn Social Media

20.) Social Buzz Icon Pack

23.) Social Media Icons Pack by Font Fabric

24.)  Upojenie Icons

25.) Picasso Social Media Icon

26.) Latte Art Social Icons by Cute Little Factory

27.)  Bulb Social Media Icons

28.) Social Media Ballons

29.) Yammy Social Media Icon Kit

30.) Green Thumb Social Media Icon Set

Want to learn how to install these buttons?  Visit How to Install Social Networking Icons on your Blog.

Don't want to take the time to figure out install?  Want something ready and premade that you just have to stick a link into? Check out NiftyButtons, where they have a link generator built into the site.  Want a tutorial on how to use that?  Check out my Nifty Buttons Tutorial for Blogger!

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