Nifty Buttons Tutorial for Blogger {Tutorial}

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So today I want to talk about this awesome site called Nifty Buttons.  It's a site that is made for Bloggers who want cool and unique social networking buttons, but do not have the know-how or desire to create or find their own.  With this site, you can pick a set of buttons, insert your code into the form fields and it will automatically generate the code you need to paste on your blog!

Step 1:
Go to Niftybuttons
Step 2:
Choose your Social Networking Buttons

Step 3:
Insert your Links
*Note: You do not have to fill in all the links, just the ones you fill in will be generated.

Step 4:
Submit and Copy the code provided.

Step 5:
Go to Blogger Layout and click Add Gadget in the section where you want to add your buttons.

Step 6:
Select HTML/Javascript Gadget

Step 7:  Paste the code that you recieved into your HTML/JavaScript Widget and hit save.  You can move this widget where you want your icons to appear. 


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