Nerdy Mom: iPod 2nd Gen Problem Solved!

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Do you ever have a problem that frustrates you to no end?

Have you ever solved that problem and then smacked yourself on the face saying, gah I'm stupid?

I did that today with this problem....

I have a second generation iPod Touch.  I haven't used it in a couple of years because I got an android phone and what is the point of carrying around two devices that pretty much do the same thing... So, I decided to give it to my daughter this year for Christmas.  Only problem is that I couldn't for the life of me get things to work properly.  It would turn on fine, but it wouldn't let me connect to the internet or download apps (even though I could view them just fine in the app store).

I literally fought with this thing for days.  It would look like it was going to download an app, and then it would disappear.  I was convinced that it was either broken, or so old that there was absolutely no support or games that would work for it.

*insert light bulb here*

Did I think to check the date?  I mean the thing has been shut off for about a year.... in most electronic devices, if the battery is dead for so long, part of it's memory banks get wiped, and usually that part includes the date.

Sure enough, I went in, found out that the iPod thought it was 1970, corrected that, and am happily downloading apps and surfing the web again.

(I know, so stupid.  But I share so that if you're having this issue, you don't have to feel so stupid.  Because I did it first :P)

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