A Rant and a Request

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Hey all,
I know I'm not as active as I should/could/want to be on this blog- but I am just fuming and had to post a little rant here.

I went to go and play one of my favorite facebook games after having taken a couple of months off (like 5 months or so).  I usually take a break from games over the summer while I'm in my busy season.  But when I went back to this game, it was GONE!  Gone gone gone.

The game?  Restaurant City.

Why it was awesome?  Because unlike other "restaurant" or "dining" games, once you had  your menu set and had found the ingredients, you didn't have to be there to put food on diners plates, it was fun trying to find the ingredients and there wasn't oodles of work and stuff to be done.

I can't find any other game like it.

Here's where I need help.  I know that some of the players are working on a new game, but I want you to let me know if you've found another game that is similar.  Please, save us both the time and don't say Chefville, Diner Dash, Bakery Story, or anything that is like those.  I've tried them all and my food spoils constantly because I don't have the time to be watching the clock and know I have to serve food.

Do you know of any games like Restaurant City?

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